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Write On! Writing Prompts
The Times-News invites young people in grades K-8 to submit stories for publication in the newspaper. Write On! is a full page of stories by students published every Friday. The following list of upcoming writing prompts will help you plan to participate. Due to space limitations, not all entries received can be printed.

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Three Things My Teacher Should Know About Me
What three things would you like your teacher to know about you as the school year begins?
Deadline: Aug. 30
Publication Date: Sept. 13

Meet My Classmate
Interview one of your new classmates and write at least three interesting details / facts that you learned about your classmate. Include his or her first name only.
Deadline: Sept. 6
Publication Date: Sept. 20

Goals for This School Year
What goals do you have for yourself this school year? Choose at least three.
Deadline: Sept. 13
Publication Date: Sept. 27

If I Could Drive
If you had your license to drive, where would you go? Why did you choose this place?
Deadline: Sept. 20
Publication Date: Oct. 4

Life Without Electronics
If there were no video games, cell phones, computers and televisions, how would you spend your free time?
Deadline: Sept. 27
Publication Date: Oct. 11

In My Future
If a magic geanie could tell you anything about your future, what would you most like to know?
Deadline: Oct. 4
Publication Date: Oct. 18

New School Subject
If you could create a new school subject, what would it be and why?
Deadline: Oct. 11
Publication Date: Oct. 25

Best Kind of Weather
What is your favorite kind of weather? Why?
Deadline: Oct. 18
Publication Date: Nov. 1

What do you like to do on Saturdays?
Deadline: Oct. 25
Publication Date: Nov. 8

It’s My Business!
If you could start your own business, what kind of business would it be? Why?
Deadline: Nov. 1
Publication Date: Nov. 15

2019 is coming to an end. What three things you are the most thankful for this year?
Deadline: Nov. 8
Publication Date: Nov. 22

My Favorite Way to Stay Active
Being active keeps you healthy, strong and fit. What are your favorite ways to stay active?
Deadline: Nov. 15
Publication Date: Nov. 29

Scared to Try
What is one thing you would be really scared to try? Do you think you will ever try it? Why or why not?
Deadline: Nov. 22
Publication Date: Dec. 6

Greatest Accomplishment
What accomplishment have you achieved recently that you are most proud of and why?
Deadline: Nov. 29
Publication Date: Dec. 13

Season of Giving
It is the season of giving to others. If you could give any gift to one person, what would you give and to whom?
Deadline: Dec. 6
Publication Date: Dec. 20

Deserted Island
You have to spend one month on a deserted island. You can take one person, one food item (water will already be provided) and one thing. What and whom would you take and why?
Deadline: Dec. 13
Publication Date: Dec. 27

Finish this story starter:
I was the happiest when . . .
Deadline: Dec. 20
Publication Date: Jan. 3

Finish each of these sentences:
I like to see . . .
I like to taste . . .
I like to hear . . .
I like to smell . . .
I like to feel . . .
Deadline: Dec. 27
Publication Date: Jan 10

Good News
What good news do you have to share? This could be something in your own life, within your family, at school or something positive you’ve read about in the news.
Deadline: Jan. 3
Publication Date: Jan 17

Write On Guidelines:
1. Keep the length of your story to 100 words or less. Please double space if typed or skip a line if handwritten. 2. Use correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and capitalization. 3. Follow directions for the writing topic. Creativity is welcome--but please address the topic. 4. Make sure your entry is legible. 5. YYour first and last name (or last initial), grade and school must be included with your entry. 6. Your entry must meet the deadline to be considered for publication. ** Teachers - submit only the best four or five entries from your class, not an entire class set.
Submit Entries to:
Type your entry in the body of the e-mail. Do not send an attached file.
Please use “Write On” as the subject.