The Times-News Newspaper in Education program provides print and electronic replica editions (e-editions) of the newspaper at a reduced rate for use in Alamance County (N.C.) area classrooms. Teachers from elementary to high school use the newspaper as a tool for increasing test scores, improving reading comprehension skills, and helping students experience history as it happens.

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Write On! Writing Prompts
The Times-News invites young people in grades K-8 to submit stories for publication in the newspaper. Write On! is a full page of stories by students published every Friday. The following list of upcoming writing prompts will help you plan to participate. Due to space limitations, not all entries received can be printed.

Field Trip
If you could plan a field trip for your class, where would you like to go? Why?
Deadline: February 27
Publication Date: March 13

Spring Poem
Write a poem about spring in 10 lines or less.
Deadline: March 6
Publication Date: March 20

Good Judgment
Describe a situation in which you used good judgment.
Deadline: March 13
Publication Date: March 27

Think about a time when you really did “laugh out loud.” What happened that was so funny? Include who, what, where and when.
Deadline: March 20
Publication Date: April 3

School Uniforms
Do you think school uniforms are a good or bad idea? Why or why not?
Deadline: March 27
Publication Date: April 10

My Grandparents
Why are your grandparents an important part of your life? If you do not have grandparents, write about a person who is like a grandparent.
Deadline: April 3
Publication Date: April 17

Describe a situation in which you showed trustworthiness.
Deadline: April 10
Publication Date: April 24

Teacher Thank You Note
Write a thank you note to a current or former teacher you appreciate.
Deadline: April 17
Publication Date: May 1

Marvelous Moms
Write a Mother’s Day message to your mom or another important woman in your life (grandmother, aunt, coach, teacher, etc.)
Deadline: April 24
Publication Date: May 8

Write about a time when you showed perseverance.
Deadline: May 1
Publication Date: May 15

Most Memorable Day of School
Thinking back on this school year, what was the most memorable day? Why?
Deadline: May 8
Publication Date: May 22

First Day or Last Day of School?
Which day do you like better – the first day of school, or the last day of school? Why?
Deadline: May 15
Publication Date: May 29

My Summer Plans
What are you looking most forward to doing during your summer break?
Deadline: May 22
Publication Date: June 5

Fabulous Fathers
Write a Father’s Day message to your dad or another important man in your life (grandfather, uncle, coach, teacher, etc.).
Deadline: May 29
Publication Date: June 12

Write On Guidelines:
1. Keep the length of your story to 100 words or less. Please double space if typed or skip a line if handwritten. 2. Use correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and capitalization. 3. Follow directions for the writing topic. Creativity is welcome--but please address the topic. 4. Make sure your entry is legible. 5. Your first and last name (or last initial), school and grade should be included with your entry. 6. Your entry must meet the deadline to be considered for publication. ** Teachers - submit only the best four or five entries from your class, not an entire class set.
Submit Entries to:
Type your entry in the body of the e-mail. Do not send an attached file.
Please use “Write On” as the subject.

Times-News, NIE Dept.
PO Box 481, Burlington, NC 27216

(336)229-2462, Attn. NIE Dept.