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April 25
Celebrate Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday!
The Mini Page talked with the education specialist at the Folger Shakespeare Library to learn more about Shakespeare’s childhood and his entry onto the stage.

May 2
Invasive Species!
When organisms on Earth move to an area where they are not native, we call them “invasive species.” The Mini Page talks with an expert to learn more about how these plants and animals on the move can destroy native ecosystems and how we can protect against the invaders.

May 9
Our Founding Moms
The Mini Page talks with Cokie Roberts, author of “Founding Mothers: Remembering the Ladies,” to learn more about the women who supported our Founding Fathers as our country was born. Specifically we highlight Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Deborah Read Franklin and Dolley Madison.

May 16
Monster Snake!
In 2002 in Colombia, paleontologists discovered the fossils of the biggest snake ever discovered, as big as a school bus and weighing more than a ton. This snake, Titanoboa, probably munched on giant crocodiles and fish. The Mini Page interviewed one of the three main paleontologists who discovered Titanoboa to learn more about this and other fascinating finds.

May 23
Meet the U.S. Air Force
As we celebrate Memorial Day, The Mini Page takes a close look at the mission, jobs, equipment and culture of the U.S. Air Force.

May 30
Lemurs in Trouble
Lemurs are found only on Madagascar, and most species are critically endangered. The Mini Page takes a look at our captivating distant cousin with the help of a primatologist who has founded a refuge on that island.

June 6
Reading in the Good Ole’ Summertime
Coming weeks offer lots of time for disappearing into a great book. In this annual issue, The Mini Page offers fun, exciting suggestions for kids’ summer reading.

June 13
World Cup
The 2014 FIFA World Cup will make history when it kicks off in Brazil on June 12. In this issue, The Mini Page learns more about this international sporting event plus about this year’s host country.

June 20
Apps for Apes
It’s not just kids who can beat adults at video games — orangutans excel on the iPad, too. Orangutans are playing video games, Skyping other orangutans and watching videos, (as long as a zookeeper holds the iPad for them). The Mini Page talked with the founder of the Apps for Apes project to learn more about this intelligent, peaceful animal that is endangered in the wild.



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